McGrail Photography New England Wedding Photographer

Hello and Welcome to McGrail Photography,

I'm Sean, the eye behind the lens, a wedding and family photographer. My love of photography started in 6th grade when I picked up my very first camera. From that moment on, I was captivated by the art of preserving moments in time. and what began as a hobby, transformed into a passion that would shape my life.

For over a decade, I honed my photography skills while working in other less than personally satisfying careers, and finally decided to start my own photography business in 2017. My business grew out of love for storytelling, and documenting genuine moments, connections and raw emotions between loved ones.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to capture the most cherished moments in people's lives against some of the most breathtaking backdrops nature has to offer. From the sun-drenched vineyards of Napa to the serene shores of the Outer Banks, I've been privileged to witness and preserve the love and unique stories of countless couples and families in a way that only photography can. Currently, I am practicing my passion in the picturesque landscapes of New England, the place where I grew up. The rolling hills, historic charm, and the ever changing seasons of New England provide inspiration for my work. However, I am always willing to practice my craft elsewhere as I love traveling and exploring new places.

Through my lens, I aim to encapsulate the essence of unique moments, preserving emotions and stories for generations to come. Whether it's a wedding, a portrait session, or a candid glimpse of life's fleeting moments, I approach each frame with an artist's eye and a storyteller's heart.

Thank you for visiting me and joining me in my journey. I look forward to the opportunity of capturing your unique story and creating lasting memories through the art of photography. Please take a moment to explore my portfolio, message me to discuss your own photographic needs.